Sustainable New Year's Resolutions for 2023

The start of a new year is the ideal moment to take stock of our accomplishments and consider any desired changes. We know that decreasing trash and lowering your carbon footprint is crucial to reducing your environmental influence. You can achieve these goals in 2023 and beyond by looking at a concrete, doable approach.

Take recycling beyond the kitchen

Our ancestors led very different lives, so we should be heading toward living a little more as they did. The environment will appreciate your efforts to reuse, upcycle, trade, and thrift.

Turn clutter into cash for an eco charity

Next time, you can organise your space and consider selling any items you no longer need or use to raise funds for an environmental organisation.

Reduce energy when you cook

We've all read that using a microwave or slow cooker can help save energy. Whenever energy is saved, the environment also benefits.

Practice zero waste management

Use organic and sustainable products and eliminate waste by reducing plastic usage. 

Eat local, seasonal and native food.

Celebrating the "shop local" movement's recent rise in popularity is essential. Additionally, something to maintain The carbon footprint of items decreases with decreasing distance travelled to reach you. When you purchase locally first before going on Amazon for your holiday shopping, you are also helping your community's economy.


What would be your new year's resolution for 2023?

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