4 must-watch documentaries for animal lovers

 If you have a passion for animals, I want to acknowledge the incredible love and care you provide to your beloved pets or animal. We are listing a few documentaries about the animals you must consider watching.  

  1. Maa ka Doodh: this documentary represents the reason for the poor conditions of the cows and the solutions attached to it. We all can be a part of this and assist them in improving their living conditions. 
  2. Dominion: This documentary shows that there have been hidden cameras for several years to record the stories of Animal Farm. You will learn the reality of what animals are facing. 
  3. The game changers: it shows the stories of various athletes who have opted for a vegan life and are best at their respective sports. 
  4. Cowspiracy: it shows that our behaviour towards animals is tremendously affecting the planet and what can be done to improve the condition and provides the solution to stop it.


These documentaries are must-watch and available on youtube free of cost. 

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