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farm से. – a venture by 2 CA’s & a MBA works for bringing cleaner & healthier mukhwas to people. Founded in 2019 after our learnings with Satvik food festival and various homepreneurs making mukhwas, we currently operate via our offline store in Ahmedabad & online via our own website farmseindia.com.

All the 3 founders hail from Pali, Rajasthan and have closely stayed with nature all their lives from childhood.  Like all Indian mothers, their moms themselves used to make many kinds of mukhwas for digestion & some for taste. However, their sudden shift to Mumbai for higher studies opened their eyes regarding the food practices in urban areas and how badly our food chain was contaminated. Mukhwas in the current form in India had most low-quality ingredients used with sugar, artificial flavours, artificial colours & preservatives forming the major chunk of their ingredients. Further History of mukhwas traces back to 13th & 14th century in India. Historically it is consumed after every meal & had health benefits too. However, in last few decades the shift to the above-mentioned ingredients have made them a sugar bowl with all kinds of low-quality ingredients & flavors being used in them. After the covid and health wave, people were looking for alternatives to these available options in the market. Since we launched our store just 6 months before the covid, the sudden surge in awareness gave us a great edge.

We further launched SKUs like acidity controller, digestives etc which will be categorized as functionality based mukhwas using old age traditional items from our kitchen like pomegranate powder, coconut powder , sesame seeds & a herb called jethimad for sweetening. All our mukhwas our free from white refined sugar & any kinds of preservatives & are full of nuts & seeds. Above all we made them all tasty & suitable to Indian consumers taste for mukhwas. While traditional mukhwas had minting agents as large as 15% , we brought them down to 3% only to give the after meal satisfaction that people currently feel after having mukhwas.

We started curating these mixtures since our beginning and launched them as part of our SKU’s with various fruits under the banner farm से.  Lately we realised customers love for our mukhwas and how unique they were in the market hence we started focussing more on the category. The brand aims to be number one mukhwas & trail mixer brand with our hot seller sku’s like almond deluxe, rose and nuts and such mixtures which a lot of us use as mid day munching and lot of us eat as mukhwas. To create more awareness towards clean eating we have also added basic kitchen essentials (ghee , honey & jaggery) along with seasonal fruits that we have been doing since our inception, The vision is to make clean & quality eating a accessible commodity across the globe.

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